Cedar Tree Academy is one of the most comprehensive and trusted Early Childhood Schools in the District of Columbia.

Parent Center

89791970-1There is no such thing as a perfect parent, but enrolling your child in Cedar Tree Academy makes you pretty close. The combination of a loving parent, our highly qualified teachers and nurturing environment will give your child a significant head-start in academia and in life.

How can you help your child succeed at Cedar Tree Academy?
Parents are their child’s first teachers. Your involvement in your child’s development is critical to his or her success.
Parents should try and make sure their child arrives at school ready to

learn, ready to engage, ready to socialize and ready to grow. Make sure your child gets to bed at a reasonable hour (a child of 5 needs a minimum of 9 hours sleep per night) and eats a well-balanced diet.

Home life presents so many opportunities for children to learn:

  • Nurture a love for books by taking them to the library or bookstore
  • Let your child help with simple chores around the house
  • Encourage your child to play with other children
  • Speak to your child in complete sentences and in “adult” language
  • Emphasizes close reading
  • Be consistent when disciplining your child and try and model the behavior that you expect from him (Source: CDC early childhood)

Cedar Tree Academy A Community Of Academic Excellence

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